Six for Six

Little Sister celebrated her sixth birthday last week.  Six!!  Here are six photos for our dear six year old.

Playing outside

Playing with our puppy

 Her class celebration in Kindergarten.

Cake- this year, she asked for strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. 

Happy birthday, Little Sister!

Spring is in the air

It has been a fun and busy spring semester for Little Sister and Big Brother.


During the week, we are all in school.  On the weekends and in the time after school, we enjoy a lot of adventures.  These photos were from a playground.


At Easter, we visited with family.  We went to a Lake Michigan beach near their home.


We also enjoy parks and taking walks.


We cannot wait for summer adventures!

Winter Escape

Over the break from school, we took a few days to go to our favorite vacation destination.






The kids love the local museum. They can dress up like pirates or ring the ship’s bell.



The children also spend a lot of time swimming on vacation.



Hooray for vacation!



This dear girl is turning five years old. Five! Wow that seemed to happen at light speed.

Here are five photos for five years.






And five facts…

1- Little sister loves to cook. She particularly likes to bake cupcakes and apple pie.

2- Little sister is curious. She enjoys meeting new people, going new places, and trying new things.

3- Little Sister and Big Brother are a great team. They love each other dearly and enjoy spending time together.

4- Little Sister is busy. When she is awake, she is moving. She enjoys gymnastics, dance, swimming, coloring, playing with dolls, going to the playground, and just about anything that kids like to do.

5- Little Sister is happy, social, and smart. When she was with her foster family, we got an email update that said she was “happy, social, and smart.” At five years old, that is all still true.

Happy birthday, Little Sister!

Just an ordinary week

We are still here. The winter was very, very cold and was longer than average. We have played outside and had some exciting adventures. I realized that I had never posted about an average, ordinary week.

Little Sister’s week first… She goes to preschool four mornings a week. We love love love her school. She is in a multiple age classroom (3 to 6 years) and she is doing a great job at school.

In addition to school, she also takes gymnastics once a week.



She has been in gymnastics since she was 2. The classes started as parent-toddler classes but she is old enough to take class with her peers now. She likes gymnastics and has asked to keep going.

In addition, she asked to take dance classes for six months. She has just begun to dance but loves dance class.






Little Sister is also in swim lessons. She enjoys pools and, for safety, we have enrolled her in weekly lessons to learn how to swim. She is in a small class (only four children) and seems to enjoy being the only girl in class.



If we don’t seem to be posting much, part of the reason is that our everyday, ordinary weeks are a little busy these days.


Fabulously Fall

It has gotten pretty around here with leaves changing color and a chill in the air.


This photo was from a state park nearby.

We have also had some leaves closer to home.


Little Sister enjoyed the leaves on the ground. She raked and jumped into them. She also enjoyed getting buried in leaves and popping up.



Big Brother enjoyed the leaves in the air.


We love fall!


Four for Four

Our dear daughter recently celebrated her fourth birthday! Happy birthday, Little Sister!


Although we have been a little busy with the start of the school year, we had a lot of fun adventures to celebrate Little Sister’s birthday.

We got to a beach.


We went to a local orchard. The orchard has a play area with a jumping pillow and petting zoo. Little Sister’s favorite part is the petting zoo. She loves feeding the goats.


It will be exciting to see where we will journey on her next year…


Ready or not, here comes Fabulous 4!

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